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Micro-meteorological variables and modeling of atmospheric dispersion in two climatic regions in Quebec

The US-EPA (2019a) AERMOD dispersion model is widely used to assess the concentration of contaminants in ambient air following emissions from a source. For this purpose, the AERMOD model requires micrometeorological variables characterizing the turbulence (u *, w *, L, zic, zim); they are calculated by the AERMET module and obtained using local surface data (wind, temperature and opacity of the cloud cover) and altitude.

Climatic differences will thus have repercussions on these variables which will influence atmospheric dispersion. Maniwaki and Sept-Îles, located in two different climatic regions of Quebec and separated by a distance of approximately 800 km, were chosen to compare the micrometorological variables and the results of the modeling of the dispersion of a point source on the period 2008-2012.

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