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Work experience

Richard Leduc

Richard Leduc, Ph.D.Richard Leduc, Ph.D. has 50 years of experience in meteorology and air quality.  He has published more than 100 works such as articles, reports, course notes, books.  He has given numerous training sessions in meteorology (university or professional level) and in air quality (modeling).

He authored Québec modeling guidelines published in Québec Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Guidelines.  He has done, supervised ou approved more than 300 atmospheric dispersion modeling studies.  He wrote more than 1000 professional advices on meteorology and air quality.

He has been in charge of planning and setting up Québec ozone monitoring network (Info-Smog) and has published many reports and articles about smog in Québec.  He authored standards on setting and operating monitoring stations.  As associate professor, he also supervised the work of numerous graduate students.

Richard Leduc was a member of many scientific committees, learned society, etc.  He received awards for his work.

Roger Bernier

Roger Bernier

Roger was born in New-Brunswick and lives in Québec since 1976.

He worked for Pepsi-Cola for 35 years. He is now the General-director of AirMet Science Inc.

His professionnal abilities cover

  • business management and organization and cost controls
  • human resources management
  • products management