Services en qualité de l'air

Services in air quality

Work offered by AirMet Science in air quality covers the following:

l'échantillonage Sampling

As in meteorology, AirMet Science can plan a monitoring network (with one or more stations) and observation programs specific to the needs of clients.  AirMet Science can recommend instruments, suggest suppliers for physical installation and maintenance, provide a program for validation, treatment and archival of data;

études de dispersion Dispersion modeling

Airmet Science can perform atmospheric dispersion modeling studies, simple (level 1) or complex (level 2).  Available models are those recommended by US-EPA and Québec air quality agency, such as AERMOD and CALPUFF.  AirMet Science can also review reports, validate hypothesis and provide support for completing studies.  Modeling work is done by experienced modelers and meteorologists.


AirMet Science offers the use of CALPUFF model for modelling studies.  CALPUFF is an advanced dispersion model capable of handling complex situations not treated by standard models like AERMOD; CALPUFF is mandatory in many jurisdictions for situations involving complex terrain conditions.


CALPUFF is recommended in applications involving complex flow situations for pollutants dispersion evaluation in:

• complex air flows in mountainous areas;

- terrain channeling, upslope and dowslope flows

- pollutant build-up in valleys

- stagnation, re-circulation

• coastal effects as a sea-breeze;

• inhomogeneity in surface conditions/dispersion rates;

- urban/rural, land/water, land use variations

• plume fumigation, inversion breakup;

• calm and low wind speed dispersion conditions;

• longer range transport, visibility impact, etc.

Analyse de données de qualité de l'air Air quality data analysis

AirMet Science can prepare specific reports on air quality data and according to the needs of its clients.

Formation Training

AirMet Science can develop a tailored training program, of general or advanced level, on modeling (use of models, dispersion meteorology, etc) and in air quality.