Les phénomènes météorologiques dans les aventures de tintin

Meteorological phenomena in The Adventures of Tintin

Discover the analysis of all the meteorological phenomena of several albums of the Adventures of Tintin supported by hi fellow dog milou as well as his friend Professor Tournesol, an accomplished man of science. All listed and well organised according to each scene of the following stories:
  • The Blue Lotus
  • The broken ear
  • The Black Island
  • Ottokar's scepter
  • The crab with the golden claws
  • The mysterious star
  • The Secret of The Unicorn
  • Red Rackham's treasure
  • The Seven Crystal Balls
  • The temple of the Sun
  • Tintin in the land of black gold
  • Objective moon
  • We walked on the moon
  • The Calculus Affair
  • Coke in stock
  • Tintin in Tibet
  • The jewels of the Castafiore
  • Flight 714 to Sydney
  • Tintin and the Picaros
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